[Event] BelMix Seminar Series 2023-2024

Date: First Monday of each month , 11am – 1pm (Brussels Time)

Venue: Room S.15.215 (Building S, 15th floor)

Campus Solbosch, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB); Avenue Jeanne 44, Bruxelles 1050.

Also live streamed online via Zoom.

The BelMix seminar series for 2023-2024 delves into the multifaceted and dynamic realm of cross-border relationships, intimacy, gender reconfigurations, and kinship transformations. It aims to document the anthropological, historical, psychological, and sociological dimensions that shape these interconnected processes. The seminar will unite researchers from various academic institutions, each of whom will contribute unique perspectives onto the intricate landscape of intimate relationships across borders. Their empirical investigations span diverse contexts including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean region, and Europe. This seminar series will therefore offer a rich variety of approaches and insights that will collectively illuminate the general tendencies in cross-border relationships. It will provide a platform for stimulating discussions and scholarly exchanges on theoretical and methodological questions surrounding these relationships, which will create opportunities for future collaborations and collective endeavors.

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