[Publication] Compendium of stories: Spaces

BelMix (Lucas Monteil, Jenthe Blockx, Angelie Marilla, Mimy Keomanichanh, Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot, and Aaron Raphael Ponce) (2023). SpacesOtherwise, (10), 15 November 2023.

This piece collects six spaces of intimacy as people migrate between continents and cultures.

This compendium of stories on spaces is the fruit of long-term collaboration among the members of the BelMix  research team, based at the Laboratory of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds (LAMC) at the Université libre de Bruxelles. The team has been studying migration and conjugal mixedness in Belgium and selected Southeast and East Asian countries. Recently, BelMix has expanded its analytical gaze to include other cases and situations of mixedness beyond the Europe-Asia social spaces. It aims to bring new insights into the dynamics and evolution of present-day societies as well as the changing meanings of intimacy and the family.

*Space’s illustration is by Athos Bayani Flot

  • “In-between spaces” by Jenthe Blockx
  • “More than a couch” by Angelie Marilla
  • “Comfort zone” by Mimy Keomanichanh
  • “Living apart together” by Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot
  • “The room for intimacy” by Lucas Monteil
  • “A night in Brussels” by Aaron Raphael Ponce

“Otherwise is a space for sharing stories that matter.”

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