[Congratulations] Cai Chen awarded Subside Vladimir ORLOFF (2023-2024)

Many congratulations on our PhD researcher, Cai Chen‘s recent award for Subside Vladimir ORLOFF (2023-2024) by the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the ULB. This subsidy will support him in partially publishing the preliminary results of his PhD thesis in the form of a book chapter titled “Chinese in DR Congo: Reciprocal Migration, Conjugal Mixedness, and Power Inequalities”, which will be part of the edited volume “Handbook of Chinese Migration to the Middle East and Africa”. 

The award ceremony is scheduled for May 6, 2024. The aforementioned publication will also benefit from the publication subsidy from the Research Department of the ULB.

Also if you are interested, click here to read Cai’s blog posts about his fieldwork in Congo.

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