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[Publication] Journal article: Influence du contexte sur le caractère variable ou stable de l’identification ethnique

Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot (2023). Influence du contexte sur le caractère variable ou stable de l’identification ethnique : le cas des enfants des couples belgo-philippins et belgo-thaïlandais en Belgique. Moussons, 42, 179-195.

La littérature sur les familles ethniquement « mixtes » se focalise en général sur les expériences des couples, mais rarement sur celles de leurs enfants. Les quelques études sur ces derniers dévoilent leurs formes variées d’identité et la façon dont la société où ils résident et grandissent affecte leur autodéfinition, soulignant le pouvoir structurant du contexte sur la formation identitaire des enfants issus des familles mixtes. Afin de nuancer la compréhension de cette construction identitaire et d’appréhender le devenir des enfants issus des familles mixtes, le présent article se penche sur l’identification ethnique de ces individus et propose une étude de cas des personnes issues de familles belgo-philippines et belgo-thaïlandaises en Belgique. Les matériaux empiriques recueillis, notamment en Belgique, montrent que ces personnes se définissent de différentes manières. La plupart d’entre elles se présentent de manière variable en fonction du lieu (espace géographique et socioculturel circonscrit) où elles se trouvent, de leurs interlocuteurs (situation interpersonnelle) et du moment (temporalité), révélant le pouvoir structurant du contexte sur leur autodéfinition ethnique. Les autres personnes interviewées s’identifient de manière stable, ce qui démontre leur résistance face aux défis biographiques et suggère que l’auto-identification ethnique n’est pas toujours fluide ou fluctuante.

Context’s Influence on the Variability or Stability of Ethnic Identification: The Case of Children of Belgian-Filipino and Belgian-Thai couples in Belgium


The literature on ethnically “mixed” families generally focuses on the experiences of couples but rarely on those of their children. Some studies on these young people reveal their various forms of identity and the way the society in which they live and where they grow up affect their self-identification, highlighting the structuring power of context on the identity formation of children of mixed families. To nuance the understanding of this identity construction and to comprehend the becoming of children of mixed families, this article investigates their ethnic identification and proposes a case study of individuals from Filipino-Belgian and Thai-Belgian families in Belgium. The empirical data collected notably in this country show that these persons define themselves in different ways. Most of them present themselves variably depending on the place (circumscribed geographical and sociocultural space) where they are, on their interlocutors (interpersonal situation) and on the moment in time (temporality), revealing the structuring power of context on their ethnic identification. Other interviewed persons identify themselves on a stable basis, which demonstrates their resistance to biographical challenges and suggests that ethnic self-identification is not always fluid or fluctuating.

[Publication] Compendium of stories: Spaces

BelMix (Lucas Monteil, Jenthe Blockx, Angelie Marilla, Mimy Keomanichanh, Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot, and Aaron Raphael Ponce) (2023). SpacesOtherwise, (10), 15 November 2023.

This piece collects six spaces of intimacy as people migrate between continents and cultures.

This compendium of stories on spaces is the fruit of long-term collaboration among the members of the BelMix  research team, based at the Laboratory of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds (LAMC) at the Université libre de Bruxelles. The team has been studying migration and conjugal mixedness in Belgium and selected Southeast and East Asian countries. Recently, BelMix has expanded its analytical gaze to include other cases and situations of mixedness beyond the Europe-Asia social spaces. It aims to bring new insights into the dynamics and evolution of present-day societies as well as the changing meanings of intimacy and the family.

*Space’s illustration is by Athos Bayani Flot

  • “In-between spaces” by Jenthe Blockx
  • “More than a couch” by Angelie Marilla
  • “Comfort zone” by Mimy Keomanichanh
  • “Living apart together” by Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot
  • “The room for intimacy” by Lucas Monteil
  • “A night in Brussels” by Aaron Raphael Ponce

“Otherwise is a space for sharing stories that matter.”

[Publication] General audience: “Rich but Vulnerable”

Chen, C. (2023). “Rich but Vulnerable”: Chinese Migrants Meet Street-Level Bureaucrats in the DRC. Routed Magazine, n° 23 (Inequalities and Migration), 12 November 2023.

Contrary to media’s depictions of China’s expanding influence in Africa, the Chinese in Africa, despite their economic privilege, experience “politico-administrative vulnerability” in their interactions with street-level bureaucrats. However, they are neither exclusively privileged nor vulnerable.

 A police officer standing in the middle of the road (Courtesy of Babur Yakar on Unsplash).