[Event] BelMix Seminar Series-2023(I): 2

“The gendered globalization of matrimonial market: Focus on French-Post-Soviet conjugalities”

by Dr. Laure Sizaire (AspirE, LAMC, ULB)

Monday 20 March 2023  from 10am till 11am

Room Doucy (S12.123)
Campus Solbosch – Building S – 12th Floor Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Avenue Jeanne 44
1000 Brussels, Belgium

This session will also take place online via Zoom.


In France, French-Russian marriages have been numerous and regular for several years. They are also deeply gendered. French women do not marry Russian men. These dynamics are visible in other binational marriages. How can we understand this gendered matrimonial geography? What are the channels that facilitate encounters in a globalized context? What kinds of marital configurations emerge on the global stage when intimate relationships are made up across multiple power relations and between different gender regimes? To what extent do these new globalized intimacies reflect transformations in gender relations? These questions will be explored through a multi-site ethnography carried out between France, Russia and Belarus among French-Post-Soviet couples. 


Laure Sizaire is a socio-anthropologist. She defended her PhD at the University of Lyon 2 on the gendered globalization of the matrimonial market based on the case of French-Post-Soviet conjugalities. Her research focuses on the sociology of migration and intimacy from a gender perspective.

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