BelMix Seminar Series

Academic year 2023-2024 (II)

Academic year 2023-2024 (I)

17 June 2024 – “The reconfiguration of intimate spaces and the hierarchization of the migrant women : The case of Japanese-French mixed unionsin the Haut-de-France region” by Yoko IWASHITA (CECILLE – ULR 4074, University of Lille)
13 May 2024 – “Exploring Belgian- Laotian Couples – Navigating Transnational Stereotypes: Insights into the Emotional Dynamics of Belgian-Laotian Couples” by Mimy Keomanichanh (Université libre de Bruxelles/LAMC)
15 April 2024 – “French-Japanese Marriages: A Patriarchal Revival?” by by Dr. Miyako Hayakawa (Université libre de Bruxelles/LAMC) & Kanako Takeda (EHESS, Centre Georg Simm)
4 March 2024 – “Socio-Economic Inequalities, Intimacy, and Homosexuality: Insights from Sex Work in Paris and Transnational Relationships in Haiti” by Kostia Lennes (PhD candidate in Anthropology, Université libre de Bruxelles) & Dr. Carlo Handy Charles (Assistant Professor of Sociology, the University of Windsor)
12 February 2024 – “Marital Diversity in India: Cross-Region and Cross-Border Marriages, Family and Kinship Transformations, and Gender Dynamics”
by Ankit (PhD researcher, University of Wroclaw) & Pragna Rugunanan (Professor, University of Johannesburg)

Academic year 2023-2024 (I)

04 December 2023 – “Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Intimacy: Case Studies from Zanzibar and Cub” by Altaïr Despres (CNRS research fellow, IMAF, France) and Tommaso Pirone (PhD researcher, LISE, CNAM, France)
06 November 2023 – “Exploring Intimate Relations: A Transnational Perspective on French-men and Romanian-women Couples, and a Mixedness Lens on Intercultural Partnerships in Estonia” by Eva Renaudeau (PhD researcher, Cermes3, EHESS, France) & Gabriel Alberto Ceballos Rodríguez (PhD researcher, University of Tartu, Estonia)
09 October 2023 – “Cross-border Marriages in Japan: A Comparative Examination through Psychological and Sociological Lenses” by Dr. Dariusz Skowronski (Temple University, Japan Campus) & Dr. Viktoriya Kim (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)

Academic year 2022-2023 (II)

04 May 2023 – “Asian migrant spouses in Japan: Migration and reproduction in an ageing society” by Hélène Le Bail (CNRS; CERI, Sciences Po Paris; MSH/EASt visiting professor)
25 April 2023 – “Mixed race lives: Asian American histories of international adoption, intermarriage, and people of mixed heritage”
by Prof. Catherine Ceniza Choy (MSH/EASt visiting professor)
20 March 2023 –  “The gendered globalization of matrimonial market: Focus on French-Post-Soviet conjugalities” by Dr. Laure Sizaire, AspirE/LAMC, ULB (Belgium)
15 February 2023 – “Migrant Parent–Local Caregiver Relationships: the Glue that Binds Transnational Families Together” by Dr. Bilisuma B. Dito, Maastricht University (the Netherlands)

Academic year 2022-2023 (I)

12 December 2022 – “Qui est une « famille légitime » ? Le regard de l’administration sur la famille immigrée” by Carla Mascia, GERME, ULB (Belgium)
29 November 2022 – “Étudier la sexualité des femmes kurdes en Iran, quelles contraintes ?” by Sara Vatan Doust, EHESS (France)

Academic year 2021-2022 (II)

29 April 2022 – “Conjugal mixedness, transnational socialisation and power relations: the case of Chinese-French couples in the Paris region” by Simeng Wang, CNRS research fellow (France) and  EASt/MSH visiting professor
30 March 2022 – “Putting Foreignness into Positive Light: Male Vietnamese Migrants and The Negotiation of Sexual Desirability in Japan” by An Huy Tran, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
23 February 2022 – “Practices of resistance of Filipino migrant women in Germany” by Davi de Carvalho Malheiros, Dyname laboratory (UMR7367) – European Dynamics of the University of Strasbourg (France)

Academic year 2021-2022 (I)

20 December 2021 – “Distanced closeness: a study on the possibilities and constraints of intimacy in transnational relationships during the Covid-19 pandemic” by Jenthe Blockx
30 November 2021 – “Mixscape family at stake: culture and religion as ethical-moral dimension in the construction of family and public belonging” by Rosa Parisi, Università del Salento (Italy)
15 October 2021 – “Migration par le mariage : Parcours de femmes japonaises mariées à des hommes français” by Yoko Iwashita

Academic year 2020-2021 (II)

30 June 2021 – “Visible Mixedness But Invisible Couples: Study on Intimacy and Stigma of Ethnic Minority Couples in Hong Kong” by Herbary Zhang
27 May 2021 – “Becoming a national in Japan and Belgium: citizenship acquisition, ethnicity and identity negotiations” by Eline Delmarcelle

* Chaired by Dr. Laure Sizaire (from October 2023) and Dr. Lucas Monteil (2021-2023)