Research Team

Dr. Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot

Principal Investigator

FNRS Tenured Research Associate, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Lucas Monteil

Postdoctoral Researcher (AspirE)

“Situated Mixedness”

Aaron Raphael Ponce

PhD Researcher

“Nation(ality), Sex(uality) and Class: Cross-Border Relationship Trajectories of Gay Belgian-Chinese Couples”

Mimy Keomanichanh

PhD Researcher

“Emotion work and conjugal dynamics: Belgian-Laotian couples in Belgium and Laos”

Mari Kawase

PhD Researcher

“Sexualité et mixité conjugale : les couples belgo-japonais en Belgique et au Japon” 

Cai Chen

PhD Researcher

“Ethnoracial dynamics in postcolonial DR Congo: the case of Sino-Congolese intimate relationships”

Angelie Marilla (2019-2022)

PhD Researcher

“Home objects: materiality and mobility of Belgian-Vietnamese couples”

Associate Members

Dr. Catherine Lourdes Dy

EU Senior Adviser

NORCE Norwegian Research Center, Norway

Research keywords: Gender, migration, and security

Dr. Herbary Cheung

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Social Sciences

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Laure Sizaire

Postdoctoral Researcher (AspirE)

Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Research keywords: gendered globalization of marriage market, transnational intimacies and conjugalities, international matchmaking, migratory projects and experiences

Fleurine Hermand

PhD Researcher

Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

“The concept of love among Iranians in Brussels and north of France” 

Eline Delmarcelle

PhD Researcher

Waseda University, Japan

“Emotional nationality: citizenship acquisition, ethnicity and identification to the nation in Japan and Belgium”

Yoko Iwashita

PhD Researcher

University of Lille, France

“Intercultural dynamics of Franco-Japanese families in France (Lille) and Japan (Tokyo) from the 1990s”

Jenthe Blockx

Master Student in Visual Culture and Film Studies

University of Antwerp, Belgium

MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2021, KU Leuven)

Marie Montenair

Master Student in Anthropology

Université de Liège, Belgium

“Construire son identité dans un contexte biculturel et binational. Une approche anthropologique du cas de jeunes belgo-japonais en Belgique francophone”

Laura Truong

Master Student in Gender Studies 

Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

“Analyse des impacts de la fétichisation des femmes asiatiques sur leur vie intime, relationnelle et affective”

Advising Committee

Dr. Karlijn Haagsman

Assistant Professor Globalisation & Development
Postdoctoral researcher MO-TRAYL

University of Maastricht, The Netherlands

Co-director Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development

Dr. Marion Maudet

Senior lecturer in demography and sociology

Centre Max Weber, France

Research keywords: Sexuality, gender, couple, family, religion, mixed methods